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5 Ways physiotherapy can help improve the quality of your life

Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, disorders, and injury with the use of physical methods, such as massage, manipulation, exercise, and other treatments that do not require medication or surge...

Pregnancy and Pilates Go hand in Hand

Learn More about the Different Types of Physiotherapy

4 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Aged Care Facility

Family Doctor Visit: How to Make it More Productive

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5 Ways physiotherapy can help improve the quality of your life


Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease, disorders, and injury with the use of physical methods, such as massage, manipulation, exercise, and other treatments that do not require medication or surgery. A physio Moonee Ponds professional looks at the “whole person” when treating their patients, including the patient’s overall health history and general lifestyle.

People of all ages can benefit from a visit with a physiotherapist. They can help you recover from a sports injury or treat chronic back pain. They can also help manage long-term medical conditions like asthma, as well as prepare women for childbirth.

Improve mobility

Anyone, no matter their age, can experience mobility issues. When this happens to you, walking, moving, or even just standing can become quite challenging. The best physio Moonee Ponds has to offer can help restore your range of motion. They can do so by coming up with a therapy program customized based on your specific needs. This may include strengthening exercises and stretching. They may also fit you with crutches, a cane, or any other assistive device you need.

Prevent or recover from a sport injury

Athletes or those who lead a very active lifestyle have a higher risk of getting injured. For example, distance runners commonly experience stress fractures. A physical therapist can help design an appropriate musculoskeletal physiotherapy program for you to ensure your quick recovery and return to your sport. Check it out at Propel Physiotherapy

Prevent falls and improve balance

Your physical therapist will screen you if you are a fall risk. If they found you to be at high risk for falls, your physical therapist will \give you exercises that will safely and carefully improve your coordination. They may also provide you with assistive devices to help you keep your balance while walking. Aside from that, a physiotherapist can also perform specific maneuvers that can help restore proper vestibular functioning, as well as reduce or even eliminate symptoms of vertigo or dizziness.

Manage vascular conditions and diabetes

Proper and regular exercise is an excellent way to manage blood sugar levels. That’s why it’s often included as part of a diabetes management plan. Additionally, people who have diabetes often experience sensation problems in their legs and feet. A physiotherapist Moonee Ponds residents trust can help educate patients with diabetes on proper foot care to prevent more problems from happening in the future.

Women’s health management

After childbirth, it is vital that you follow a series of exercises that will help strengthen the muscles that have been stretched during pregnancy and birth. This can help promote correct posture, preventing you from experiencing back pain. Postnatal physiotherapy may also help you regain your figure faster.

Most mothers tend to prioritize and focus on their babies after giving birth. However, taking care of your child will be easier if you first strengthen and look after yourself. This is exactly what the physio Moonee Ponds experts at Propel Physiotherapy are advocating. Women should be able to take care of their newborn and themselves at the same time. For more details, visit us at

Pregnancy and Pilates Go hand in Hand


Pilates, invented by Joseph Pilates back in the ’90s, has innovated many exercises that are fit for pregnancy. The undeniable benefits derived from doing Pilates while pregnant are countless. However, following the exercise programs can be quite tricky during pregnancy since you may often be feeling tired and nauseous. By practicing pregnancy Pilates, you can stay vigorous, and it also strengthens the most crucial muscles during pregnancy and labor, your pelvic muscles, abdominal muscles, and the back. Many pregnant ladies find Pilates to be one of the finest exercises to do.

Clinical Pilates Moonee Ponds offers both physical and mental training and is advantageous for the pre or postnatal ladies since it helps them to concentrate on vital areas. Most Pilates exercises are performed on a ‘’hand and knees’’ position which is an excellent position during pregnancy.

Here are some benefits of pre-Pilates and postnatal exercises

Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal strength is very important to help support the weight of a growing uterus; it provides support and acts as a splinter to the spine, aiding a child’s birth. Toned and more muscular abdominal muscles are less likely to separate, and even if they do, realigning is much quicker on strong abdominals.

Reduces backache

Because the muscles are stretched, backache gets reduced through the strengthening of abdominals and improved posture. It also reduces constipation.

Builds up your muscular endurance

Dynamic Pilates workouts help build muscular endurance, the right balance, and flexibility, which is needed the most during pregnancy.

Helps to relax

Pregnancy Pilates aids relaxation increases energy levels and improves sleep.


You don’t require any special equipment, a comfortable mat is more than enough to start exercising and you can do this on your own time.

Helps in positioning your baby

Pregnancy Pilates Moonee Ponds has today help relieve a lot of stress off your pelvis and back. Towards the final stages of your pregnancy, it helps to position your little one for delivery.

Be in shape

Pregnancy Pilates is also popular for helping new moms get their figure back after giving birth.


Pilates is very flexible. Most of its exercises can be adjusted with regard to changes in your body.

To steer you with Pilate’s workouts, numerous videos online and DVDs are available:

Post Pregnancy
Power Pilates
Susan Moran
Ruby & Marci Clark
Perich, Prenatal Pilates Mat
Sherri Betz training for fitness

Before starting pregnancy Pilates Moone Ponds specialists recommend, women should always remember their bodies are different, this especially true during pregnancy. Some workouts can be very appropriate for some women and not for others. During a typical healthy pregnancy, moderate exercises are safe for the fetus.

In many cases, pregnancy may be a rewarding opportunity to tune inwards and connect with the core of Pilates. These exercises will not only improve your workout experience, but they’ll also give you skills to give birth and care for your little one.

Indeed, pregnancy Pilates is a great way to exercise as it works on both emotional and physical strength during and after pregnancy. Pregnant women can still opt for other exercise options. Still, it’s only a Pilate’s program which can give remarkable benefits in preparing their bodies for a higher state of being comfortable. For more information, visit their website at

In conclusion, pregnant women also need a lady physiotherapist to help them overcome emotions during this challenging period.

Learn More about the Different Types of Physiotherapy


Whether you are an athlete or not, you can benefit from seeing an experienced, skilled physiotherapists. If you ever sustained injury at some point in your life, chances are you have sought help from a physiotherapist concerning your recovery.

However, it’s a must to have an injury to get assessed and treated by a physiotherapist.  They can help in many ways to improve your quality of life, performance and physical function, and help you in managing existing conditions.

All types of physiotherapy involve exercise. Depending on your goals and needs, the therapist may also recommend massage, joint mobilization, traction, Tens or taping. The end goal is to improve your quality of life and health.

Let’s see the major types of physiotherapy and their benefits:

  • Sports physiotherapy

Professional athletes use physical strength when working. At times, they tolerate blows such as in rugby, boxing, football and basketball. These activities strain the muscles of an athlete. Sports physiotherapy helps athletes to improve their body robustness and toughness. Their bones, muscles, ligaments and joints are strengthened, thereby enabling them to withstand high physical stress that is required by their sport.

  • pregnancy physiotherapy

Are you thinking about exercising while pregnant? Regular exercise while heavy with a child has many health benefits, including increased aerobic fitness, weight loss, psychological and social interaction. Other benefits of pregnancy physiotherapy include: improved muscle strength, improved mood, decreased anxiety levels and stress levels which helps to prevent postnatal depression.

If you have symptoms like urinary leakage, accidental loss of bowels, and constantly needing to pass out urine, it is strongly advised that you visit pregnancy physiotherapists for further assessment. Most of these problems are easily fixed with the appropriate management and the right advice. Check it out at Propel Physiotherapy

  • Postnatal Pilates physiotherapy

Exercising post-birth can be quite a complicated matter, mainly if you had a difficult labour. Many mums are eager to return to their pre-pregnancy weight too quickly after giving birth. It’s imminent to take the necessary steps to have an easy time getting back into exercising sensibly.

If you are a new mum and thinking about taking post-birth exercise, postnatal physiotherapy is a popular choice. In addition to getting you back into exercising gently, it has also proven to be very successful in building up women’s inner muscles after pregnancy.

Pilates physiotherapy focusses on dealing with issues that may have arisen during pregnancy. In particular, it targets the stretched and weakened abdominal muscles known as the pelvic floor. Moreover, it is an excellent way for new mothers to take some much needed time away from the vigorous life that comes with being a new mother.

When you need the touch of expert physiotherapists, massage and exercise therapy, you may check out Propel Physiotherapy. Their team can access your condition/situation and suggest a treatment program that’s in line with your doctor’s recommendations. Besides, they are affiliated with other health specialists and practitioners who can assist with special concerns that are beyond the scope of physiotherapy if needed.

If you think you could benefit from the types above-mentioned types of physiotherapy treatments, contact us at

4 Tips in Choosing the Perfect Aged Care Facility

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The special people in our lives deserve the best, and providing convenience for them matters the most. It is also the same in choosing for the most appropriate and the best aged care facility in Melbourne. The people that you love deserve the best assistance, comfort, and finest health care.

Choosing the best aged care facility in Melbourne often becomes challenging and confusing. The emergence of various aged care facilities that offer a unique environment, services, and facilities is one important thing to consider. However, many are unprepared in deciding, not knowing where to start, what details to prioritise, and how to determine the best aged care facility.

This points out to the need to prepare, for choosing the perfect aged care facilities requires many considerations. Upon gathering the ideas of many aged care advocates and industry professions, it paved a way to the manifestation of the 4 tips in choosing the perfect aged care facility in Melbourne.

1. Know the Lifestyle and Service Programmes

It is important to assess the offered lifestyle and services. There are aged care facilities that provide small social gatherings, hobby groups, and group excursions. This is an example of a good lifestyle and service programme.

There are many lifestyle programmes provided in many aged care facilities which may also include health, social, and fitness programmes. It is also essential in making sure that your loved ones are taking in the right food. Check the meals and dining sanity.

2. Evaluate the People and the Environment

In deciding, you need to think about it as if you were to choose a home. Know the carers, fellow residents, and the staff members. In this regard, realise that the environment of an aged care facility matters the most. Also, the appropriate aged care facility for your loved one needs to have professional medical specialists for proper health care monitoring. Visit Arcare Glenhaven for more details.

3. Recognise the Building, Facilities, and Equipment

In the second tip, it discusses the importance of choosing like you were to choose a home. It also connects to the third tip which is to first check the resident’s condition, if they feel to be at home. You may start with checking convenient rooms. Is it welcoming?

Second, you can check on the facilities. Are they prepared and ready for occupancy? Knowing the readiness of facilities is essential in ensuring comfort. Lastly, consider the available equipment and care specialists nearby.

4. Understand the Rules and Responsibilities

It is evident that existing and new aged care facilities have established rules and responsibilities. Before you let your loved one move in, acquiring concrete understanding about the responsibilities and rules is essential. Make sure that you can comply with the responsibilities and agree with the established rules. Click here aged care facility in Melbourne

5. Compare, Research, and Listen to Testimonies

Listening to the testimonies of others can be a great factor in helping you choose the best age care facility. You may visit for ideas and samples. You can do research, and as you check out care homes, this can help you determine what age care facilities may suit best for your loved one.

Family Doctor Visit: How to Make it More Productive

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As a human, you will certainly get sick periodically. While you can recover with non-prescription medications, troubles can still stick around. This is where an examination with Manunda family medical centre doctors can save the day.

Nevertheless, an examination cannot go as planned. Although today’s health care system paved means for easier booking, an unproductive appointment can still take place.

Currently, to obtain the most out of your assessment, abide by these guidelines:

Prepare your medical history.

To comprehend what is striking your body, a family doctor Manunda has today would certainly establish your symptoms.

Originally, she or he would certainly ask about your case history. If you have actually carried out some previous research laboratory examinations—X-rays, MRIs, tec.—you have to supply him or her with the outcomes.

Remember: if your documents are organised, your doctor can start making the diagnosis immediately.

List down the medications you are taking.

They would additionally scrutinise the prescriptions as well as the supplements you have been taking; so, you need to bring all your medicines, preferably, in their preliminary containers.

If there is an oral medicine you do not take for some reasons, include it also. In this manner, your Manunda family medical centre doctor will certainly understand what to provide for your current problem. She or he can upgrade your dosage. Check it out at SmartClinics

Prepare to answer the normal questions.

To manage as many information as possible throughout your examination, you need to identify the typical inquiries physicians ask their people. These can consist of…

  • when the symptoms and signs started,
  • what factors activate the signs to take place,
  • just how routine you experience the signs, and also
  • whether you really feel disturbing pain.

Ask about your treatment.

After resolving the Manunda family medical centre physicians’ questions, it is time to ask them the crucial information yourself.

For instance, you have to ask if there is a test to experience for the diagnosis. Is there anything you can do to relieve the indicators? Or, are you banned to participate in specific tasks that might create trouble?

Responding to these concerns will certainly assist to manage your circumstance while you are awaiting treatment.

When it pertains to contacting the Manunda family medical GP, you ought to ask questions. There are features of mass payment under Australia’s Medicare you need to understand, like the range of services provided, discounts that you are qualified to obtain, restraints, and much more.

Definitely, you should ask for additional directions. Your physician might forget to offer you such info, especially when he or she is hurrying to accommodate an extensive line of individuals.

Final Thoughts

Great prep work will not simply boost the top quality of your treatment; it will likewise minimize the stress and anxiety before an examination. So, comply with these guidelines when going to a medical professional’s centre for an assessment.

Are you looking for a women’s health clinic Manunda has today? If yes, then you must check out any SmartClinics branch in Manunda. Book a visit below for a seamless appointment:

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