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Pregnancy and Pilates Go hand in Hand

Pilates, invented by Joseph Pilates back in the ’90s, has innovated many exercises that are fit for pregnancy. The undeniable benefits derived from doing Pilates while pregnant are countless. However, following the exercise programs can be quite tricky during pregnancy since you may often be feeling tired and nauseous. By practicing pregnancy Pilates, you can stay vigorous, and it also strengthens the most crucial muscles during pregnancy and labor, your pelvic muscles, abdominal muscles, and the back. Many pregnant ladies find Pilates to be one of the finest exercises to do.

Clinical Pilates Moonee Ponds offers both physical and mental training and is advantageous for the pre or postnatal ladies since it helps them to concentrate on vital areas. Most Pilates exercises are performed on a ‘’hand and knees’’ position which is an excellent position during pregnancy.

Here are some benefits of pre-Pilates and postnatal exercises

Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal strength is very important to help support the weight of a growing uterus; it provides support and acts as a splinter to the spine, aiding a child’s birth. Toned and more muscular abdominal muscles are less likely to separate, and even if they do, realigning is much quicker on strong abdominals.

Reduces backache

Because the muscles are stretched, backache gets reduced through the strengthening of abdominals and improved posture. It also reduces constipation.

Builds up your muscular endurance

Dynamic Pilates workouts help build muscular endurance, the right balance, and flexibility, which is needed the most during pregnancy.

Helps to relax

Pregnancy Pilates aids relaxation increases energy levels and improves sleep.


You don’t require any special equipment, a comfortable mat is more than enough to start exercising and you can do this on your own time.

Helps in positioning your baby

Pregnancy Pilates Moonee Ponds has today help relieve a lot of stress off your pelvis and back. Towards the final stages of your pregnancy, it helps to position your little one for delivery.

Be in shape

Pregnancy Pilates is also popular for helping new moms get their figure back after giving birth.


Pilates is very flexible. Most of its exercises can be adjusted with regard to changes in your body.

To steer you with Pilate’s workouts, numerous videos online and DVDs are available:

Post Pregnancy
Power Pilates
Susan Moran
Ruby & Marci Clark
Perich, Prenatal Pilates Mat
Sherri Betz training for fitness

Before starting pregnancy Pilates Moone Ponds specialists recommend, women should always remember their bodies are different, this especially true during pregnancy. Some workouts can be very appropriate for some women and not for others. During a typical healthy pregnancy, moderate exercises are safe for the fetus.

In many cases, pregnancy may be a rewarding opportunity to tune inwards and connect with the core of Pilates. These exercises will not only improve your workout experience, but they’ll also give you skills to give birth and care for your little one.

Indeed, pregnancy Pilates is a great way to exercise as it works on both emotional and physical strength during and after pregnancy. Pregnant women can still opt for other exercise options. Still, it’s only a Pilate’s program which can give remarkable benefits in preparing their bodies for a higher state of being comfortable. For more information, visit their website at

In conclusion, pregnant women also need a lady physiotherapist to help them overcome emotions during this challenging period.